Teller Realty has specialised knowledge of the areas Rehavia, Sharey Chessed,Nachlaot and bordering neighbourhoods, such as Talbiah,Old Katamon & German Colony. 


Since its founding, the company has grown in leaps and bounds and is now one of the most respected realty groups in Jerusalem. We have helped hundreds of clients find and sell their properties, we have built up an impressive portfolio of property management assets & short term rental apartments. These are mannaged efficiently and professionally.


We have also been involved in big renovation projects and upcoming projects, and have seen them through from start to finish with our outstanding professionalism and excellent workmanship. So whatever real estate you may need or are looking for in Israel, Teller Realty will be there for you.


Moshe Teller

Moshe Teller is the founder and C.E.O of Teller Realty. He understands the problems that can occur when people who are not used to the local ways of doing business in Israel.

His company, Teller Realty is Jerusalem’s number one sales and management services company, which is a trusted source of information, ensuring clients get the right investment, cover their bases and ensures that they get full value and security for their hard earned money. Moshe Teller advises clients who are looking to invest in Israel. He helps foreign investors looking for the perfect place to call their own and helps to make their dreams come true.

Chaim Parkoff

Chaim Parkoff is our expert property consultant, He can advise, guide and help in finding you that perfect property . He has worked in the realty field for the last 10 years.He has guided clients through private and commercial purchases, as well as helping & advising on financial decisions. For any financial queries or advice as to which area you should buy or invest in, may we suggest that you contact him and he will guide you and assist you in finding the right property which caters for your needs.

   Benjamin Steinhof

Benjamin Steinhof is our expert in the fields of Long and Short Term Rentals & Management.

If you have an exsisting investment or wish to purchase a property as an investment, he can advise you on how to receive maximum returns. He is also experienced in the day to day management of property as well as dealing with any requirements tennants may have.